You need to have a cardiac stress test done? If so, don’t worry! They are not that bad at all. The only unpleasant thing about doing one of these tests is that there’s exercise involved. Otherwise, you’re in and out fast.

So when you do the test, your heart needs to be stressed. This way, they can see what is going on. You will get a much more accurate observation of the heart once it is stressed. So in this article we’ll talk about some specific and general topics for the cardiac stress test.

Have you heard of an echocardiogram? It is a very popular stress test given by cardiologists. To check out your heart, they give you this test because it gives them insight as to what is happening. So when they use a stress test, they are able to see what is happening with your heart in action. People resting will not provide accurate information in regard to problems they may be having with their heart. Patients will be asked to exercise, getting your heart rate up, thus the purpose of the stress test. Once the heart rate is at exercise state, then they perform the echocardiogram. The doctor is well-trained and can see anything that is not working as it should be. Arteries and vessels leading to the heart, and also leaving it, can show signs of problems if blockages are there.

One thing that doctors protect himself against, especially in the litigious United States, is to not get sued. Sometimes unnecessary tests like cardiac imaging stress tests are ordered even though a patient is just fine. Minor angina and heart palpitations can be caused by a variety of unrelated issues so keep that in mind. Angina can show up as a result of chronic stress, and also things like heavy coffee drinking and smoking. Like the author of this article would tell you, a stress test should not be avoided if you need it. Take any professional medical advice, and consider it with your own decision-making processes as well.

If your physician orders a stress test, there are many reasons that they may have done this. Undoubtedly, this speaks volumes about how bad the person actually is if a stress test is actually ordered. Your physician would probably not order a stress test for you if there was the possibility that a heart attack would actually occur. Other tests will be given if a person is more likely to have a heart attack to find out what is going on. What will likely happen is the doctor will have a catheter inserted into the patient’s major artery through the leg area instead. Then they feed the catheter up toward the heart so they can get a video feed and actually look inside an artery. Visit for more health and lifestyle tips.

Certain risk are involved with this procedure, though they are not often discussed in public. The variations in stress tests are due to the type of information the doctor gets from any particular test. Tests that rely on imaging are used mainly for patients who pose a higher risk. If a simple EKG reading is desired from a treadmill stress test, there’s a good chance things aren’t quite as severe as they could be.