Back pain can be severe or just a mild annoying twitch; however, it does strike millions of people each year. Even the most fit individuals among us can be subject to a backache from time to time. There is chronic back pain that can last for a long time and has to be treated by a medical care provider; then, there are the minor backaches that are just temporary annoyances. Our goal with this report is to discuss a few of the reasons people are afflicted with back pain.

A consideration that many people do not make in regard to their back pain is that their mobile device could be causing it. This is an area where younger people are at least as vulnerable as their elders, as smart phones, laptops and tablets are the constant companions of today’s youth. This is not about the device causing a physical malady in and of itself. It’s the way we use them, which is often in uncomfortable positions. It’s easy to get so caught up talking on the phone or texting your friends that you don’t realize that you’re hunched over your little device in a position that’s putting a lot of strain on your back. Although most people will not understand that their use of electronic devices is causing their back problems, over time, it is easy to see that our habitual use of certain devices is causing our difficulties. Spinal fractures are one of the most common causes of back pain. Spinal fractures usually occur because of a reduction in bone mass due to osteoporosis. Women, especially premenopausal women, are more apt to suffer bone mass loss than men. However, men and women are both susceptible to osteoporosis as they get older. And, as you can well imagine, when bones are less dense they are weaker and, as a result, can break more easily. An injury can cause the bones to collapse, which can be very painful and can even cause deformation of the spine. There are medications you can take for the pain; nevertheless, this won’t solve the underlying problem. Your doctor may recommend surgery to keep the fractured bones from slipping further out of place. Research has proven that if you participate in a regular exercise program and eat a healthy diet osteoporosis can be reduced. This will help protect your spine from fractures.

Stress can be a cause of back pain. Anyone that feels a great deal of tension will reflect this in their muscles. Tension can be dispersed throughout your body in a number of places including your stomach, neck, and your back. If you can release the stress, it will help you prevent the manifestation of negative physical conditions. Throughout your body, stress can cause inflammation due to high levels of the hormone cortisol being released. By acknowledging your stress, and what is causing it, this can move you toward reducing it in your life. Stress not only causes physical problems, but can prevent the healing of ailments that you currently have. By reducing stress, you improve the quality of your life.

Back pain can be a very disruptive force in your life, in some cases making it hard to even get out of bed. So, being knowledgeable as to what is behind your back pain can help you to avoid these instances in the future. If your back pain is caused by health issues, it’s wise to get those problems taken care of first. Otherwise, it’s mainly a matter of paying attention to any factors in your life that might be putting a strain on your back.