Perhaps you are wondering if everything doesn’t cause cancer, regardless of what it is. People may not realize this, but cancer is actually the second highest cause of death in the United States year after year. By eating natural food, the old-fashioned way, nature gives us a preventative cure for this very lethal problem. Specifically, superfoods and this is a term that has gained prominence in the past ten years. Always think in terms of variety because there are so many superfoods available in a natural diet. Keep your body cancer free, you take superfoods as a preventative method, not so much as an attack on an existing condition.

When you prepare food, oftentimes you’ll use beans for the dish, regardless of whether it is for lunch or dinner. You can choose from a variety of beans and use them however you like. One thing about beans is they have a lot of fiber. Additionally, this also means that they have prebiotic qualities, making them a very valuable superfood. Additional benefits from beans are high amounts of vitamins C and A. Research has been done about the anti-cancer properties of both vitamins as well. As a side note, beans provide you with good amounts of protein which only adds to the overall healthy profile of this food.

To be protected against cancer, your body needs certain vitamins and one of these is the form of Vitamin A known as beta carotene. The easiest way to get high doses of beta carotene in your diet is to eat more carrots.

Just like so many other foods, like cabbage mentioned in other articles, carrots are rich in the good kind of fiber your body needs. Your intestinal bacteria (the good kind) require this type of prebiotic fiber to maintain the health of your intestines. One very healthy dish to eat with or in between meals would be a mixture of carrots and cabbage. If you’re concerned about getting enough fiber, eating this combination a few times per week will help a lot.

Kiwi fruit is an incredibly powerful source of superfoods that provide benefits in many ways. Although it is a berry, it is very large, and kind of looks like a fruit. In regard to probiotic growth in your intestines, kiwi contains phytonutrients which can act as a prebiotic. So when you look at the research, you realize that a kiwi is just like taking a multivitamin in regard to how much it can help you every day. A daily vitamin C will no longer be necessary if you’d simply eating kiwi. Due to all of the fiber in kiwi, it can help with prebiotic concerns. If you want to clean your arteries regularly, this source of soluble fiber will certainly do the trick. In regard to the colon and stomach area, the fiber in the prebiotics can help prevent cancer from appearing. Check out hormone replacement Raleigh experts for more tips.

All of the superfoods that you know should be written down, and all of their benefits should be written with them. It is in your best interest to have a healthy diet. It can keep you healthy, now, and for years to come. Although some people equate these foods too bad medicine they remember as a child, they are not that bad, and you should get into the habit of eating them. Doing this is all about keeping you alive for as long as possible, and being healthy while living.