Although it continues to be highly experimental, stem cell therapy for arthritis is still not widely available at this point, since it is still being studied thoroughly. stem cells are basically the building blocks of human tissue, acting as a resource for new tissue repair and growth. Stem cells also hold promise in part, due to their ability to communicate vital information about tissue repair and growth to other cells in your body.

Research Studies on Stem Cells

There have been several research studies conducted over the past couple of years on stem cells and arthritis. Most of the research studies have focused on the use of anti-inflammatory drugs to treat various inflammatory diseases, including arthritis. The results from these studies have been promising but more work needs to be done in order to confirm that stem cell therapy works in the treatment of arthritis. Many researchers now agree that one or more anti-inflammatory drugs could be beneficial in the treatment of arthritis. This is the biggest hurdle with stem cell therapy for arthritis at the present. We suggest seeing PRP treatment Charlotte NC for this treatment.

Arthritis Pain Relief

Since arthritis has a lot of complex causative factors, it is not possible to treat each individual condition with one anti-inflammatory drug. In addition, scientists know very little about stem cells, especially how exactly they work and what role they play in your body’s tissues and organs. The best way to get an idea of the effectiveness of stem cell treatment in treating orthopedic conditions is to ask your doctor if he is planning on initiating any stem cell therapy programs in the near future for your specific condition. Chances are, he will want to do more research before proceeding, but if he says yes, you should then proceed with scheduling an appointment for an initial evaluation. Only your doctor can decide whether or not stem cell therapy is right for your case, so make sure to listen carefully to his recommendations.