Getting Your Reiki Certification

For those of you interested in becoming a Reiki Master you can seek reiki training from reiki massage Raleigh, which is authorized reiki masters. These reiki instructors are certified by the American reiki council and offer basic classes in studio as well as for anybody interested in reiki certification and become a reiki master. The reiki training classes at Usui include lectures and hands-on techniques to master reiki.

Reiki Training

Before you start reiki training you should contact a reiki trainer and ask for their prior booking number. It’s then recommended that you visit an experienced reiki master in person and request for a consultation session, which should be free and you should tell them your prior booking number. You’ll be able to use the number they gave you to make your initial appointment and speak to the reiki master for a one on one session. During the consultation you should be able to ask any questions that you may have about reiki and they should be happy to answer them.

Reiki Sessions

During the session you’ll be taken through a guided meditation and you should feel relaxed, refreshed and stress free after. Afterwards you should have your session completed and should be able to feel the effects within the next few hours. There are no reiki therapists during this process, the reiki trainers will not interact with you during the course, however, if you wish they can provide you with any additional information or clarification should you require it. Reiki certifications are only awarded after extensive training in Usui techniques and by taking reiki attunement classes under the supervision of a reiki master. A reiki attunement class can also be attended by reiki trainers but they are much less common.