There’s no secret to how to stay in optimum health. Eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, and drink a lot of water. It’s that simple. All that is great advice, but where are the specifics? Not all nutritious foods have the nutrients specifically required by your immune system to keep it healthy. These foods are called ‘superfoods’ and really can help your immune system stay super tough. Our focus in this report is to answer the questions: “What are these foods?” and “Which ones will strengthen our immune system?”

One superfood most people don’t know about is turkey. It’s not just for the holidays anymore and is a great food to aid your immune system. Sorry vegans and vegetarians, but this is the truth. The reason turkey is so beneficial is because it contains high levels of glutamine; however, don’t forget to include other healthy, lean meats in your diet also. The critical role glutamine plays in your body is it gives your white blood cells what they need to remain healthy. Turkey is also helpful in raising your T cell count. This is a critical factor in maintaining a healthy immune system. One of nature’s greatest superfoods, that most everyone enjoys, are mushrooms. A scientific study done in The Netherlands verified that you can maintain your health and strengthen your immune system by eating mushrooms. They particularly help you with your digestion because when you are sick, your metabolites get broken down. A nice benefit of using mushrooms is their ease in adding them to your daily foods. They can be sliced, diced, minced, ground up, and added to any number of dishes. Mushrooms are delicious even when eaten raw. They are very versatile!

Are you familiar with the herb Echinacea? It can be used to strengthen your immune system. Maybe calling Echinacea a “superfood” is stretching it, because you don’t really eat it. However, its effects on boosting your immune system are immediate and powerful. Echinacea is the herb a lot of folks turn to immediately when they feel a cold, or the flu, starting. Leave the plant alone, however, and don’t chew on any of it. Just about every part of the Echinacea plant is used in the supplements you can buy at your health food store. But this is not an edible plant. It’s not a good idea to eat raw Echinacea as it could adversely affect your stomach.

The number of superfoods being discovered and talked about grows each day. There are superfoods to help aid just about any health condition, including strengthening your immune system. Once you are aware of which superfoods can enhance your health, it’s an easy matter to start incorporating them into the meals you already know how to prepare. Some of these superfoods have been the subject of this report. Nevertheless, this is just the start of foods you can discover to make your immune system stronger. Don’t stop searching for other superfoods to add to your diet. Do your research and you will find many more to include in your daily diet.